High-Definition Custom Insoles




bedThe Instaprint BioGel Molding System is engineered to take micro-detailed molds of your feet and create high-definition CustomForm foot orthotics. Instaprint’s CustomForm insoles relieve aches and prevent injury while improving fit, comfort and balance. CustomForm insoles provide superior support and control for everyone from professional athletes seeking a performance edge to elderly patients seeking to eliminate pain.


CustomForm insoles are the most contouring custom insoles on the market. Fabricated from a medical-grade thermoplastic, they mold precisely to create full-shaped insoles that perfectly mirror the profile of your feet. Their generous cut means deep, balance-stabilizing heel cups and arch supports every time. Laminated with a long-lasting EVA topcover, they are exceptionally durable and will provide years of use.


CustomForm goes from this flat to this finished

customformThe X-Sport (red, left) is ideal for all sports that involve walking and running—what footwear professional call “gait sports”—including golf, running, tennis, basketball, hiking, fitness training, baseball, soccer and more! It combines a ¾-length thermoplastic base for superior rear foot control with a durable, full-length EVA topcover to facilitate toe-off and provide impact cushioning.

The Wintersport (blue, left) is designed for “fixed foot sports” like skiing, snowboarding, cycling and skating. It combines a full-length thermoplastic base for precision power transfer along the entire foot surface with a full-length, thinner EVA topcover to provide just the right amount of cushioning and facilitate fit in lower-volume footwear.



Both styles are mated with contoured Instapost Posting Shells that are designed to support and cushion for your specific control and comfort needs. Technicians then custom grind the bottom and sides of the insole to optimize balance and match the shape of your footwear.